1. Danny Mahoney: I got a million fuckin jokes. I got a fuckin book full o' jokes, I'll whip it out, I'll tell ya a joke. How does a Tyrannosaurus Rex pay his bills? No. Uh, how does a dinosaur pay his bills? Tyrannosaurus checks. That's a great fuckin joke! Ya understand me?
    2. Jason Mantzoukas: Wow.
    3. Scott Aukerman: Is the mess up in the middle of it part of it?
    4. Jason Mantzoukas: Yeah, you had to redo the set up.
    5. Danny Mahoney: What're ya talkin about?
    6. Jason Mantzoukas: Work on the set up.
    7. Danny Mahoney: What difference does it fuckin make?
    8. Jason Mantzoukas: Tell me the joke again.
    9. Danny Mahoney: How does a Tyrannosaurus Rex pay his bills? Wait. How does a dinosaur pay his bills? Tyrannosaurus checks. That's part of the set up! So people know it's coming! That's how a fuckin' joke works, asshole!
    10. Jason Mantzoukas: Okay, well, let's not even get into it.
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    3 years after her big break, Robyn has pioneered the largest shift in American pop music 

    Robyn’s latest EP, Do It Again, was released in May to enthusiastic reviews. She’s on tour behind it now, but when she released a fiery music video for the title song on Tuesday, the music world shifted focus immediately. That’s because Robyn is unlike most every other female pop star, and most of them are following her lead. She’s pioneered the biggest recent shift in American pop with her refusal to sugarcoat even the biggest anthems and her dedication to cathartic darkness. When she makes a move, everyone watches.

    Her influence can be felt all over the charts

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#felcher #sdcc


    #felcher #sdcc

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Old Wooden Boat


    Old Wooden Boat

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    Game of Thrones Theme (1986 Remix)

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  5. Production DesignAlien (1979)

    by Michael Seymour

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    Leon: The Professional (1994) Dir. Luc Besson

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    This was on TV, kids.